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4 ways to Decalcify your Pineal Gland

A calcified pineal gland has far-reaching effects not just on our IQ levels but on the chemical balance of our whole body.

Our fast, hyper-productive society is a marvel of the human condition and a wonderful example of our industrious and crafty nature as humans to construct a framework for large scale populations to seemingly thrive. It has a cost though.

Like the high potential for the poisoning of the food chain.

Which is exactly what we see happening in contemporary life – you only need to look at the huge increase in food sensitivities and allergies. Mostly all of us either know someone/s or are someone who finds their divine temple of a body reacting badly to certain foods.

The gluten-free movement has some real merit despite its trendiness.

When you look at the volume of wheat produced by an average wheat farmer. These guys have quota’s to provide for their buyers, that means that the agricultural processes used are no longer the organic type. More pesticides and chemicals are sprayed to ensure harvest yields are sufficient, optimal and meet the expectation of the mass producer about to make it into highly processed and profitable food, more likely to be GMO and/or be stripped of its nutrients in the process.

An oversupply in our food of chemicals that collect in certain parts of our body has consequences and means that we can no longer afford to simply buy convenient food at the supermarket and expect to escape the trappings of our modern lifestyles.

Fluoridated water supply has always been sold to the masses as a way to keep dental decay down, yet what they don’t say is how its helping to dumb down the population and keeping the corporate machines operating and locking people into a consumer society which does not serve the highest good of all but simply the few. There are plenty of studies documenting that populations with fluoridated water have a declining IQ and fewer instances of people with high IQ’s.

Food and Water pretty much rule my life. And yours too.

We can’t highly function as humans without either of those things so I would say this is pretty fundamental stuff wouldn’t you?!

All these icky and heavy chemicals and substances going into our bodies collect somewhere, whether that be the arteries, liver, kidneys or our brains, and in particular the Pineal Gland. Fluoride (recently declared a neurotoxin) in particular, has been shown to calcify the pineal gland in a hardened white crust.

Dr Jennifer Luke published her thesis on this process and the interactions that fluoride has with the enzymes which produce melatonin within the pineal gland. Melatonin is a key substance of the body’s chemistry that governs our body clock, hormones and the interruption of this can cause early puberty, as pointed to in her thesis, and point to the other claims of lower intelligence. A calcified pineal gland has far-reaching effects not just on our IQ levels but on the chemical balance of our whole body.

About 8yrs ago I came across some of the debates that were taking place on the internet about fluoridated water, it was about the same time that I moved to the bush and was no longer connected to town water and its fluoride (and chlorine). Over the proceeding years, I made steady but simple changes to my diet, my consumer habits and made a concerted effort to reduce the toxins I was absorbing in any way I could. These are just a few ways I have found to eliminate the intake of such chemicals as well as to decalcify or unshackle my pineal gland.

Remove fluoride from toothpaste and drinking water sources

Ever read the label on a fluoride-based toothpaste? There is a warning that says if any toothpaste is ingested to contact the poison control centre immediately. Do yourself and your family a favour and switch to a non-fluoridated toothpaste. I use a brand called Red Seal and find it fabulous. Its a herbal based foaming toothpaste and even comes with bi-carb for whitening.

Drinking water is a big one. Short of moving to the bush as I did, you can investigate installing water tanks to collect your own rainwater or if that isn’t an option (for those of us that rent) I recommend getting a refillable 15Lt water bottle (or a couple of them depending on the size of your family). Refill them at a local reverse osmosis machine (I pay $4 a bottle) or alkaline filtered water station (more expensive), you should be able to locate one near a health food store and some fuel stations have them too.

If that seems way too inconvenient for you maybe consider a reverse osmosis water filter that does remove fluoride and chlorine. If you are incredibly lucky enough to live near a natural spring or headwaters then bottle that shit… loads of it!

Eat fresh organic vegetables, organic teas and grass-fed meats. Reduce greatly or altogether remove processed foods.

Your best bet is to grow your own food. Heirloom organic seeds and get some good old dirt therapy and really understand what it is to nurture your body with whole foods.

If you cannot grow your own, join a community garden, or find the best stall at your local farmer’s markets. Organic meats are important for many reasons. Short of slaughtering your own cow or sheep which isn’t very practical for city life, we have options to avoid huge prices (the ‘organic’ marketing scam).

Seek out your local farmers through Farmers Markets or if you have a local organic butcher that doesn’t charge the earth for some grass-fed organic meat. Even better, reduce the amount of meat you eat! I’m not saying you have to go vegetarian, but less demand for mass-produced meat is good for the earth, for our animals, our climate and our bodies.

Warm lemon water, Apple Cider Vinegar (organic and with the ‘Mother’) and raw Cacao.

These are all high in anti-oxidants and helps to break down the accumulated fluoride in your body. Also great for liver health and overall energy levels. A half a lemon juiced into warm water to start your day is a potent cleanser. A dash of Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water 30mins before meals helps to stimulate your digestion, absorb minerals and nutrients from your food more efficiently and has the added benefit of aiding in weight loss.

A raw cacao drink or smoothie boosts your immune system with a kick of anti-oxidants it also helps shield nerve cell damage. Plus it’s delicious and lowers blood pressure and alleviates depression and mood disorders! Don’t just buy any old chocolate though, read up on the difference between Cacao and Cocoa – its all in the processing!

Natural light/dark – waking/sleep cycles

The pineal’s main function is to produce melatonin which governs our waking and sleeping cycles or circadian rhythms. Rising with the sun and sleeping when it gets dark are basic ways of reconnecting with the nature of our bodies. Melatonin is also a precursor to Serotonin which balances our moods, memory, impulses and obsessions. The more melatonin we produce, the more Serotonin that can be made.

Helping the pineal to produce sufficient levels of melatonin is a very good idea. Melatonin is only produced during the dark cycles of our day. This means the more light we have around us at night, the harder it is for our pineal gland to produce Melatonin. Less screen time after dark (it’s a hard one in our busy lives where we pack SO much into a day), earlier bedtime and earlier rises to greet the new day are all simple, no cost, productive ways of supporting our pineal’s and our bodies to naturally function in a state of ease and grace.

When our pineal gland is clear from the chemical shells of fluoride, we dream better, we see better, we vision better, we perceive our world better, we are more connected to our innate intuition, we are more aware of our truth and inspirations… we’re just better all round!

eye_of_horus_thalamus_brainThe pineal is also the space of our Third Eye or Ajna Chakra. and the energetic healing possibilities that we can employ to assist the return to a natural state of being are also endless.

Coloured light showers of indigo, reiki healing and crystal medicine are just a few of my favourites. The Eye of Horus in Ancient Egyptian symbolism looks uncannily like our actual Pineal and Thalamus when the brain is dissected as in the image above.

The pineal gland is terribly underestimated.

For a very small organ, it has some big tasks. In addition to the physiological functions described above, its also responsible for the production of DMT or Dimethyltryptamine and is believed to do so at the moment of birth, every time we dream (in trace amounts) and at the moment of our sacred death.

DMT is a Schedule 1 drug pretty much everywhere in the world. A substance produced by our own body made illegal by the system! It’s powerful stuff indeed. Now a DMT discussion is a completely different post altogether, and one that I hope I write one day soon! Let’s just say for now that this tiny ball of magic that we carry around in our heads is incredibly worthy of a bit of extra loving and TLC.

The mindful and conscious choices we make can have profound effects on our experience of life. That’s what we’re all here for right? I know I didn’t come to be a sheeple!

Spread the word, talk about it with others, research, watch a bunch of you tubes, learn for yourselves and find what elements resonate with you. Ignorance is not bliss, Ignorance is like kryptonite for our third eye and as energetic beings, we need all the parts working in unison, in collaboration and harmony to be in the space of living intentionally, and blissfully!


🙌🏼 Artist Praise for Featured Image “Third Eye of Horus” by Hakan Hisim

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