Not Mine Not Yours

For the boheme inclined…


Of Love & Light


This goes for all the men who too have suffered at the hands of another. Sadly the majority who have experienced this are women, however I want to acknowledge the men who also identify with similar experiences.


It’s taken me a while to find the right words around this movement. For to me this is not just a social awareness campaign, it’s an active part of my healing. And I hope it is for many men and women around the world who are finding the courage and vulnerability to add their voice.

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Prime force of Creation

“She had red curls piled on the crown of her head, a wide messy bun ragged and wispy. Full of woeful bliss and tales of polarising extremes. Once fine lace now tattered, clinging scarcely to the seams and trimmings of her deep burgundy dress, in the same way that she clung to the remnants of a life she was hurled from so unceremoniously. A rich brocade that she could trace the twists and turns of her life upon with trembling fingers. 

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Epiphanies of a Lightworker

This past weekend I attended a life-changing workshop by the Lightworker Institute called Intuitive Intelligence.

My intention was to deepen my intuitive abilities and to befriend my fears. You know, the fears that keep us small, keep us locked in an illusion of not good enough, not valuable enough, not worthy enough…

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Torus of Life

The torus is a sacred geometric form which is a self-generating flow of energy. Using the torus as the basis of a visualisation in conjunction with the breath or pranayama is a powerful energy boost, balancing and centering technique which I have worked with for around 20yrs. Once you are familiar with the visualisation and how to breath in this technique, it will become easier and easier to employ this method to boost your energy levels and connect to the universal flow of energy that surrounds us at all times.

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4 ways to Decalcify your Pineal Gland

Our fast, hyper-productive society is a marvel of the human condition and a wonderful example of our industrious and crafty nature as humans to construct a framework for large scale populations to seemingly thrive. It has a cost though. Like the high potential for poisoning of the food chain. Which is exactly what we see happening in contemporary life – you only need to look at the huge increase in food sensitivities and allergies. Mostly all of us either know someone/s or are someone who finds their divine temple of a body reacting badly to certain foods.

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Sonic Ripples

I was a loud kid! I loved to make noise and being the youngest of four, I had to be able to project my voice to be heard. Mumsy was always telling me to turn it down!!  I sang from a young age as well. I sang proudly next to my Father in church, feeling every note and every word. I think my voice has always been my favourite method of expression.

Singing is my therapy.

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Free Monthly Prayer Mail

Each New Moon cycle is a time for setting intentions, for communing with the Divine and calling in what you wish to experience, to learn or discover. Starting this conversation with the moon’s energy and your divine highest self is a sacred process which simply involves self reflection and a few moments of meditation and checking in with yourself.

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Sacred Geometry

The building blocks of creation

Sacred Geometry is the basis of all creation, all life within our illusion of our reality.

From the cellular to the galactic, the patterns we find in nature are no coincidence. This is the measure of the earth at it’s fundamental structures.

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Holding a Space for your Self

I hear this term being thrown around a lot and its one of those ‘buzzwords’ that can be used without the full understanding of it being realised. Mostly we hear it when we talk about sisterhood or community or grief, transformation, trials and challenges in life and how we might hold space for those around us.

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