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Crystal Clear Chakras eCourse

Harness the power of your Chakras

Embrace your inner healer and arm yourself with weapons of mass transformation that you can apply in all aspects of your life, practically, with this 7 week Personal FEMpowerment eCourse.

So if you’re reading this you’ve figured out that there is more to your body than just flesh, blood and bone. You know there is more than just electricity that drives you but you’re not entirely sure how that energy stuff works, or how to harness it? You know how to care for your physical body but do you know how to care for your energetic body? Maybe you’re ahead of the curve and you know what chakras are and what they do but you don’t know enough to feel confident in healing yourself?

Crystal Clear Chakras will guide you through learning more about the chakras, sacred tools to combine and use while developing your intuitive ability to plumb the depths of your soul or energy body as you meet your self on new levels.


⚡️ Feed your inner Healer through understanding your chakras and sacred tools in a journey of self discovery and mastery
⚡️ Grow your intuition and build your relationship to yourSelf all while learning how to balance and maintain your energy levels
⚡️ Practical and easy exercises
⚡️ 20p PDF Manual, digitally fillable guided workbooks presented on our own platform (no new accounts to create)
⚡️ 90min course start/end Group calls via Zoom with recording available
⚡️ Flexible course delivery with guidance to keep you on track
⚡️ Min 2hrs per week required, meditations, mudra’s, mantra’s, crystals, journalling and sacred geometry topics covered.
⚡️ 24/7 access via email
⚡️ Small groups that are intimate and supportive

This 7 week journey through your energetic framework will give you:

A deeper understanding of how each energy centre of your body affects your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical experience of life
An understanding of how to identify excessive or deficient chakras and how to balance
Tools that when integrated and practiced together can unveil insights to discover what is out of balance, why and how to rebalance 
 Heightened awareness of what’s happening emotionally, physically and spiritually in your being
Exercises and journalling prompts to navigate to the heart of the cause and a guide to resolution
Mantra’s, Mudra’s, Affirmations, Sacred Geometry and Crystals to use with each chakra
A daily/weekly practice that cares and nurtures your whole Self

You’ll need:

 Minimum 2 hours per week + 90mins for group calls on the course start & end dates (delivered via Zoom)
 Some crystals & some experience with meditation
 Commitment to your self empowerment and a deep understanding of the incredible miracle that you are!

Why this eCourse?

💖  You get email support anytime plus 2 x 1:1 30min chats throughout the course
💖  Flexible, self paced approach
💖  20 page Manual and PDF Workbooks for each module (digitally fillable)
💖  Small groups so you get the support you need
💖  Bonus links and extra’s each week for frequencies, prayers and resources

Next course start date:

10th May 2017 6pm PDT // 11th May 2017 11am AEST

Alana Fairchild posted beautifully of the special energy of this Wesak Full Moon that approaches us.
“…the full moon on May 10th, marking the Lunar Festival of Wesak. The divine presence that emanates during the Wesak full moon is so tangible with love and goodwill. It is said by mystics to be an outpouring from the heart of the Christ and the Buddha for all of humanity… The special divine radiance emanated during the Wesak Full Moon is available for all who are willing to receive the blessing.

The Sabian symbol for this particular full moon is “a woman drawing two dark curtains aside.”

This is a beautiful symbol of the sacred feminine. It is the part of us that is willing to take action to courageously pierce through the darkness with faith that there is something worth seeking that exists beyond it. The symbol speaks of seeing things which have not been seen before, an opening of an inner spiritual vision as the obstacles which have blocked the light are suddenly cleared.”

The stars could not be more aligned for a ceremonial circle and sacred journey to set out. Join us for a Deep Dive into the intimate details of each of your energy centres over 7 weeks.

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