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Free Download – Base Chakra Workbook

Engineering our energetic health is a regular practice of meditation, of connecting with your energy body and creating a space to hear the messages it offers you. In a world where we are completely overloaded with information, being absorbed from every angle, carving out time and dedicating your attention to getting quiet enough to hear your innate intuition is essential.


You can start very easily with this practice using the free workbook to help guide your awareness of what is showing up in your life and energy. Committing a small amount of time to journalling after the process connects you deeper into building a strong relationship with your self.

Download your free Base Chakra Workbook by clicking the button to the right and discover how integrating tools such as crystals, affirmations, sacred geometry, mantra, mudra and colour can create a space for you to understand the deeper revelations your body is offering you to uncover.

In my Crystal Clear Chakra’s online course, you receive a workbook for each chakra including weekly emails, video’s and content to deepen your understanding of each chakra and how to work with your energy centre’s to live a more empowered life.

The workbook is digitally fillable so no need to print anything, simply complete the fields, journal your experiences using the prompts provided and ‘save as’ to create a copy that allows you to record and capture the journey.

I’d love to hear how the workbook works for you, feel free to email me anytime, especially if you have any questions!

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