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Free Monthly Prayer Mail

Each New Moon cycle is a time for setting intentions, for communing with the Divine and calling in what you wish to experience, to learn or discover. Starting this conversation with the moon’s energy and your divine highest self is a sacred process which simply involves self reflection and a few moments of meditation and checking in with yourself.

FREE New Moon PrayerMail

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With PrayerMail delivered straight to your inbox each month, you will receive:

  • an email with a new prayer intuitively created by me
  • the reminder that New Moon approaches and any special astro inspo that is aligned with that months prayer
  • an image like the one above perfectly designed to fit your smart phone as a wallpaper or just save to your phone or computer for easy reference throughout the month.

PrayerMail is perfect for the beginner Moon Ritualist or the advanced priestess on a tight schedule. It’s a great way to receive some extra inspiration to kick off or deepen that sacred convo with the universe and bring you into greater alignment with your intentions and desires.

What a delicious way to remind yourself of the coming moon cycles too!

Each month I will intuitively select or create a prayer, deliver it straight to your inbox for you to use in what ever way you wish. I love creating visual cues that help you to connect with the beauty of life, the innate power within you and sparking your connection to your Source energy and godlike nature.

Try it out and see… there’s nothing to lose and loads to gain!

I hate spam and would never share your details. Plus you can opt out at any time you like, no pressure, no sleazy pitches and simple, lovingly curated words to assist you in creating a beautiful relationship with your self that nurtures YOU in every way!


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