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Sacred Geometry

The building blocks of creation

Sacred Geometry is the basis of all creation, all life within our illusion of our reality.

From the cellular to the galactic, the patterns we find in nature are no coincidence. This is the measure of the earth at it’s fundamental structures.

I was first mesmerised by crop circles about a decade ago. This was the beginning of a fascination with shape and form, vibration and frequency and how they create all matter in our world. Understanding the innate intelligence through the visual representations in geometry, gave me the knowing that every cell of my body, of your body, of the matter that surrounds us has a base premise of perfection in its structure. it can be measured to the enth degree with a straight line and a compass. broken down to microscopic levels and applied throughout the cosmos.

I still hold to the belief that crop circles (not man made ones, of which there are many) are caused by frequencies from above or below the earth’s surface. When you consider that matter is a product of the relationship between vibration and frequency, demonstrated by Cymatics (see TEDTalk below), and begin to understand the endless combinations of those two essential building blocks of creation, you can see how it is a perfect framework for the infinite diversity and contrast of life.

This helps us to explore the substance of things unseen with our human eyes.

As you start to see large example of these geometries like crop circles, your awareness can elevate, your conscious mind develops ways of perceiving the world from beyond the illusion.

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.

Alan Watts

We literally ARE the universe in motion each and every day, discovering, understanding, seeing our self as we evolve. When we open our eyes to the unseen forces of life, we come to understand that there is much more to our bodies than the fleshy stuff we feel and see. Gaining a microcosmic view through the lense of perfect geometry, we can come to know the inherent intelligence of our cellular structure and how we can be affected by an expanded view of matter. When we see this, we can then begin to understand that we are nature itself. And if we are nature itself, then we are perfection at our core. Everything has a natural state of wellness.

Here is a well articulated overview of what sacred geometry is.

Deepening our understanding of the structure of life can free us from old thinking and old programs that liberates us from the dualistic view of our lives. We begin to know that we are an energetic structure of vibration and frequency creating matter.

Sacred geometry applications are used for mind-body-spirit synergy, energy balancing, cellular regeneration, cellular restructuring, intuitive awareness, spiritual growth, soul expansion and greater connection with Unified Consciousness.


Below is a playlist of some gorgeous 3D sacred geometry visuals and participatory ceremonies to activate your blueprint. Please only do one ceremony at a time and allow at least a day or two before doing the next. These are powerful activations and can cause physical responses, you may need rest, extra water and time to process it on a subconscious level. I experienced a rise in my core temperature after the first one. I needed to rest and integrate it all for a whole week before I proceeded to the next. Give yourself time to immerse in the beauty, perfection and wonder of each cell, each shape and form that make up your physical vehicle.

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