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Solar Star Meditation

Prepare for this deep drop meditation by using your favourite method of dropping into your heart centre.
Take some time to find the stillness within your centre. 

Begin once you feel a quiet mind, an open heart and relaxed being. Embody the feeling of deep grounding & crystal clear connection to the wisdom of the heavens.

Simultaneously draw light into you from both above and below on the inhale, enjoy the journey of the light coursing through your body as they meet in the middle – your Solar Plexus.

Alchemising these energies in the solar star as you pause between breaths, BE in this space as the coming explosion builds. Feel its innate power and robustness.

On the exhale, this alchemised energy of pure love expands, speeding through all dimensions and parallels leaving a wake rippling out and in concurrently, reverberating into and through eternity. It is endless and never slows or diminishes… a constant continuum of ever expanding beingness flows out as another wave builds. This is your inner sun. Each complete breath is one beat of its immense heart. Feel the absolute solidity, the stability, unshakeable support as you lean back into the strong loving hands of the Creator. Feel your immense strength and the inner fire of your will. 

Connecting your will to the will of the Divine, in perfect alignment.

Connecting your sun to the Earth’s sun.

Connecting into the Universal Central Sun.

And on to the Great Central Sun of all Central Suns.

The power within your Solar Star, alchemising all the elementals as one cannot be overcome, this is the omnipotent splendour of God – expressing infinite possibility through you. 

THIS is what shining your light truly means. Its brilliance is blinding in order to transcend physical sight, enabling complete knowing through the union of the senses of both body and soul.

Crystal Ally – Cinnabar

Affirmation from the Book of Stones

I call forth the Divine Blueprint of my highest self, and through me patterns of spirit manifest in the physical world.


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