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Sonic Ripples

I was a loud kid! I loved to make noise and being the youngest of four, I had to be able to project my voice to be heard. Mumsy was always telling me to turn it down!!  I sang from a young age as well. I sang proudly next to my Father in church, feeling every note and every word. I think my voice has always been my favourite method of expression.

Singing is my therapy.

It saved me in my early teens as I came to terms with the surfacing of buried memories of abuse at age 7. I sang during those years with a whole lotta angst and heart ache. I could express emotions I felt but did not understand. I started to push my voice too far and got the training I needed in a style of singing called Belting. There was power there in my throat and diaphragm that had to be trained before it tore itself apart. It helped me to find my truth, to explore my strength and capacity to feel. It helped me stay embodied to the extent that I could handle. The vibrations literally grounded me.

Our bodies really are one big string being plucked by the universe, a walking instrument. With the breath of life to create sound with, we can express our way through the experience of ourselves evolving, of the universe expanding with each sound we send up.

We live in a vibrational universe. Every sound we make we add to the symphony.

When we express our truth in love and authenticity, we harmonise with the world around us.

We can change our vibration just with having background music on. Sound waves moving through us, lifting us up.

I am lucky enough to live with an incredible soul sister and sonic medicine woman named Whaia (pronounced Fire) and the healing she has shared with me over the course of the last year has been profound. We were on a little road trip last November to Yandina on the Sunshine Coast where Whaia holds New Moon Sonic Ceremonies at a gorgeous bubble of bliss named Atlantean Earth. During some down time hanging by the pool I was able to catch this footage of the vibrations of the singing bowls in the water…

I’d seen plenty of Cymatics videos before but to actually see the sound waves in the water for the first time with my own eyes still blew me away!

Our voice is so powerful, our language creates our reality.

Despite always having a healthy relationship with my voice, I have also experienced how it affects us when we do not speak our truth. I got married young, and during the 7yrs we were together, I denied my truth to myself and to my husband for a long time. One day I realised that I no longer recognised myself. I had accommodated someone else’s needs instead of my own for too long and I had some major clearing to do in my Throat Chakra. My brother and Reiki Master worked with me through many sessions to release the truths I had denied giving voice to all those years to the point where I would feel such a lump rising in my throat that I had to spit and cough and dry retch in the process of releasing it all. I screamed and sang and gave voice to that which I had hidden. I had to meet myself again and the real truths within me, find where I had turned my back on my authentic feelings and emotions and suppressed their expression. Find a way to compassionately speak my truth in the process of breaking a heart and my marriage vows. I had to leave. Once I did I felt a weight off, I felt my self coming back and rediscovered what was truth for me.

This is also one of the reasons I love mantra’s and chanting. The vibrations of my voice echoing in my head and rippling through my body feels fantastic. Shifting, shaking it all up, vibrating higher.

So much emotion can be expressed through the voice, pitch, tone, inflection, how we accent certain words, we can choose to spray our negative emotions through harsh words and grumpy tones or we can sing sweet high angelic notes to soothe the most troubled soul.

Gift yourself sometime with your voice regularly. Bring the thought into reality through your words, offer it with the truth of how you feel, send it out into the world no judgement, no criticism, just let it out and feel your way through the ripples in creates.


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