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Soul Journey Meditations

FREE Soul Journey Meditations are on hold!

Life is about to get busy for me as I dive back another Bluesfest contract. I am planning at least one date in April and further regular dates to be released in May.

About these circles:

This is a dedicated hour of engineering your consciousness in preparation for your week ahead. Setting of intentions is not just for the New Moon, the more we set and align our intentions the more expansive our experience of life. Let the universe show you the power of this process by carving out some space for your soul to step forward, to get clear on what you want to create or achieve in the coming days and find the vibrational space that matches it so that the universal laws of vibration and correspondence can respond in kind, as they always do when we set our vision and surrender to the flow of life.

Each meditation is different and I use my intuitive intelligence to channel the journey through spirit according to the needs of the group present. My voice will guide you into an altered state of consciousness to reprogram the subconscious. It allows whatever is needed to transform to come forward and be returned to love. It rewires your fears and unleashes your deep well of power. This online live circle includes an opportunity to ask questions and share your experience.

Get notified of the next release of dates to be the first to claim your seat here dear ones:

I have received some lovely words from past attendees such as: 

The most soothing voice…

Rachael has such an amazingly calm energy about her, you can’t help but be drawn to her energy. and she just has the most soothing voice.
The meditation was well guided and just what I needed during this crazy time of the year. Thank you Rachael.

Zahra Nasr


Thank you so much for the beautiful guided Mediation, it was so inspiring and I got so much out of it, it has filled me with a great sense of purpose and appreciation. xx

Lois Lovegrove
Here to Heal


Listen to an opening 7mins here so you can check that the sound of my voice resonates with you to generate a relaxed easily guided experience, this sample below utilises Heart Coherence and a simple expansion meditation.

Download your own copy of this for use wherever and whenever you like:


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