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Torus of Life

The torus is a sacred geometric form which is a self-generating flow of energy. Using the torus as the basis of a visualisation in conjunction with the breath or pranayama is a powerful energy boost, balancing and centering technique which I have worked with for around 20yrs. Once you are familiar with the visualisation and how to breath in this technique, it will become easier and easier to employ this method to boost your energy levels and connect to the universal flow of energy that surrounds us at all times.

I start with a few deep breaths to clear my mind and relax my body, deep breaths into the belly inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Visualise a column of light that reaches above you to the infinite and from below you deep into the very molten core of the earth. Take some time to imagine following that light with your third eye from the core of the earth up into the heavens above and then the reverse direction. A gift from above for below, and the gifts from below for above.

Now that you have a vivid visual of the column of light, on a slow exhale, imagine a shower of gold and silver light falling from the heavens above you it flows around you and into the ground below you.

On the inhale imagine this light being drawn up from the ground below into your base chakra and up through each energy centre until it flows out of your crown chakra at the top of the inhale. The shower of light is a continuous stream of light and as this light you have drawn up from below exits your crown it flows out and around you moving down towards the ground again. Creating a toroidal field of light. Each inhale, draw the light up through your base and through to the crown and out and each exhale, the light again flows out and around you down to the earth below you once again. All the while this shower of light is falling gently around you, as you continue with the breathe visualising the light moving up and out and cycling around you again, you can define this torus with your chakra system as the central axis. Your base chakra at the lower vortex and the crown chakra is the top vortex. The wide circle around you is the donut shape of the torus. This is your personal energy field with your heart at its core, its many layers extending out to over an arms length around you. You may like to use your arms to follow the flow of energy from your base up to your head and circling your arms out and down to repeat once more.

“The most balanced, coherent, self-generating and self-sustaining form of dynamic flow is the torus. By creating technologies (for example, what are called free-energy devices) and systems that mimic this flow we engender a synchronizing resonance with the cosmic patterning of life and tap into a resource of energy and creativity that is abundant beyond measure. We can do this personally by learning how to become centered in and embody the torus flow dynamic of our own energy beings (which stabilizes and integrates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “bodies”)” – Source

The torus is a foundation of all creation, as shown in the video’s below, the torus can be found in the macrocosm when looking at galaxies or the electro-magnetic field of the earth and in the microcosm of our own hearts electro-magnetic field. Take a look at the video’s below to get a deeper understanding of how integral the torus is in creation.

If you have not yet seen the documentary Thrive, I highly recommend it, it is available on YouTube!

Working with this visualisation on a regular basis even if just for 5mins per day is for me, a non negotiable devotional practice. Over the past 26yrs I have been guided through the development of this practice, picking up pieces of the puzzle like following a trail of breadcrumbs on a life long pilgrimage with the help of my guides, key authors (such as James Redfield, Abraham Hicks, Drunvalo Melchzedek, Richard Bach, Soygal Rinpoche, Dalai Lama just to name a few) amazing masters and healers that have crossed my path and my fellow humans that accept my crazy tangents and rambling exploration of my existential reality.

About 9mths ago I took a walk in my garden and the fireflies had started to appear as dusk descended. I stopped and did this practice for a few minutes, I opened my eyes and marvelled at the wondrously tiny beings of light surrounding me and as I continued the visualisation in my minds eye, all of a sudden the beam of light that I was drawing up through me and out of my crown suddenly shot up and up and up to the very edges of the unknown universe, before it had just been to like, the distance from the earth to the moon that I would visualise this. On the exhale as the energy flowed and cycled around me it shot down to the core of the earth this time, where before I might have gotten to like the level of the tectonic plates.

Then I thought about the way I did this visualisation as a teenager, green and fresh as a daisy, and realised how this practice had grown with me through the years. When I first began it was like I had a bubble or an egg around me that would be the size of the torus, and now It stretches the width of galaxies.  Nowadays when I practice this, I feel an instantaneous connection, I feel incredibly light and the buzz in my ears goes mental! I feel at ease in my mind, body, spirit and heart. It leaves me floating on cloud nine and higher on life than any substance could provide.

The gold is in the long game. There is no quick fix for the wholistic health of your entire ‘who-ness’. I know I get excited by new rituals or practices, meditations, ceremonies, prayers etc, and when I fail at incorporating them consistently with any whiff of longevity, I often find I have to snap myself out of self deprecating spiral outs. And the thing that brings me back every time is this Torus practice, because it is a part of me, its the road my soul has paved for the majority of my life… one brick at a time, my faithful servant and loving master.

I hope you find it as powerful as I have.


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