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For the boheme inclined…


What do you need most now?

Oracle Card Readings

$77 – 60mins

$110 – 90mins (includes 30mins Reiki treatment)

Includes 5 card Oracle reading and written report provided within 48hrs.

What to expect?

Rach will tune into your energy as you relax in a comfortable position for the first 30mins. Rach will then draw 5 cards from your chosen deck, the messages from the cards are then deciphered and channelled and then we connect via skype/facetime or zoom to discuss the reading and delve a little further.

Should you choose to, we can end the session with the 30min Reiki treatment add-on, designed to integrate the key areas of your reading to your energetic field, adjusting and aligning your vibration to really ground the gifts of Spirit’s messages for you. As a bonus, you get $11 off the normal rate. Just click the add-on in the booking screen to get the most out of your reading.

30min Remote Reiki

$44 – 30mins

Includes Crystal Layout during the reiki session and emailed notes – should any messages come through for your during the session – are sent within 24hrs.

1hr Hands On Reiki

$111 – 60 mins

Includes a 3 card oracle reading, crystal layout, guided meditation, reiki treatment and customised affirmations. Written notes and affirmations follow within 48hrs via email.

Half Day Deep Drop

$222 – 4 Hours

Includes a 5 card Oracle reading, crystal layout, guided meditation, reiki treatment and customised affirmations with lunch provided. This intensive treatment involves delving deeper into your journey and identifying thought patterns and dismantling negative beliefs held deep within you. It looks at building healthy practices in your day to day life and creates an action plan around reprogramming those beliefs that is completely individual to each client.

Reiki Level 1 Course

$333 – 4 Attunements over 3 or 4 x 2 to 3hr sessions in person

Learn to heal yourself with Reiki in one on one sessions with Rach. Deep meditations accompany each attunement and teachings encompasses breathing, ritual creation, crystal uses and applications, pendulum use, affirmations and personalised prayers, the history of Reiki, the symbols and a 18 page PDF companion guide.


Rachael has such a beautiful, nurturing energy. The reading I received with Rachael was insightful and practical. Rachael has the ability to impart her insights and wisdom in a way that her client feels safe and cared for. I love that Rachael suggested actions that I can take to ensure that stay on my path and make that most of opportunities before me. – Bronwyn

This is truly gorgeous Rachael and I can’t thank you enough. I have found it difficult to meditate in the traditional sense but I am feeling that this is one of the walls I need to let down (as it says in your message) which will in turn help me with a stronger connection to source and my Higher Self. Thank you – Kim



Reiki means Universal energy and the Universal Spirit. We are all born with this kind of energy. It is the energy of life itself, the vital life-force that flows through all living things. Reiki is a specific vibrational energy whose dynamics are totally in line with the basic principles of Quantum Physics… – Jude Priest

Reiki is a gentle energy which needs to be experienced. Like so many other mysteries of life that cannot really be explained, so too is the experience of Reiki. It moves towards balancing all your energies bringing you into wholeness.

Reiki (Universal Energy) is a non-invasive, gentle yet powerful method of healing. Reiki helps to heal all aspects of our lives-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I also use crystals which are placed on the body and combined with the Reiki it can be a most powerful & relaxing experience. The energy goes where it is needed the most and the benefits are wonderful.

Should you be drawn to this energy and seek to experience the universal love waiting for you, for a specific purpose or just to appease curiosity, I invite you to contact me and embark upon a delicious co-creation.



IMG_2122 copy

In a crystal we have the clear evidence of a formative life principal, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being. – Nikola Tesla

Reading what Wikipedia has to say about Crystal Healing, the skepticism runs strong. Unless you have experienced the effects of living alongside these minerals and stones, one cannot really understand their power. The subtle and at times powerful vibrations of crystals are transforming, balancing, and undeniable for those that experience their power first hand.

For me, crystals are like natures tuning fork. They amplify and focus energy, intentions and vibration. They can be used in a great many ways and have a varied range of benefits and applications. Just one of many tools that Mother Earth provides for us to use on our journey. Underlying all of these stones is the belief that the undercurrents of cosmic energy in our lives can be harnessed and bought into conscious assistance to the work our souls are directing us towards. I don’t mean jobs or employment, I refer to the meaningful work that is directed towards our evolution as spiritual beings experiencing a human vehicle for that evolution.

In my healings, I use crystals as a focus point for my intentions, I place them around the client in certain formations and positions to enhance the flow of reiki energy that I channel. I use crystal oracle cards as a means of bringing into awareness issues or areas that the client may have tucked away in a blind spot or to simply allow the intuition of the client or myself to discover a new method of transmuting energy that is stuck or not placed in a way that serves the highest good of all involved.