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Ultimate Interior Design: Your Heart Space

We spend so much time decorating and arranging our external reality, manifesting and dreaming and visualising how we want our life to be. It is an amazing gift of duality that we get to play with here on earth in this time space continuum. 

The curse in that is that we so often get so caught up in the illusion and playing with the illusion that our attention is not allocated to decorating the inner sanctum of consciousness itself. We primarily focus upon the external and tangible realm of space. It reminds me of that scene in Eat Pray Love when Liz is so distracted with how she will decorate her meditation room when she gets home that she couldn’t actually meditate and that dude snaps her out of it by telling her to decorate the meditation room inside herself.

Everyday life in front of our eyes is playing in a field that contains a buffer of time. And so not always do we successfully or easily see the results of our spent energy in a timely enough manner to fully embrace or comprehend our infinite and divine ability to co-create with the universe in every second of the day. When we choose to bring our energy within our physical self to the intangible level of spirit, into our emotional, mental and spiritual realms behind our eyes, things work a bit differently. If we can throw the shackles of limitation off when we look inside and believe, know and feel the infinite possibilities, we have complete creative control to play with.

Whether we do this in order to be the master manifestor that we dream of in the external or not, it affords us the freedom we yearn for.

In this space I like to create an expansive image that represents how I want to feel, the wonder and awe I want to experience and play in. My perfect living room.

Many years ago I began exploring my heart space which I had so thoroughly shut down after my marriage ended. I was doing these beautiful Elizabeth Peru heart meditations and loads of dropping into the spaces between my breaths. In these guided meditations my heart space was a beautiful cave underground, huge caverns with moss and plant life, rivers of luminescent waters, it’s stalactites and stalagmites glittered with gems and crystals, walls lined with nooks and shelves filled with the images of the people, pets and objects I loved. I would sit in circle with my guides around the sacred fire of my heart and hearth and explore, discover and lush out in the deep unconditional love of that space with Source. Then one day it hit me like a tonne of bricks that this was just not good enough. While I loved that living room, I didn’t want my heart hidden below ground, no sign of the light that shone from my sacred fire beaming out into the cosmos! I wasn’t the only heart in existence, and if I was hiding away down there then what where they all doing up there? I need to be up there, in open skies and bright sunshine!! And so this one time… as I meditated… I imagined my heart was on the top of the Andes, very specifically on the tip of Wayna Picchu which overlooks Macchu Picchu.

All of a sudden my innerverse exploded into eternity and the love, the awe and wonder and appreciation of life that I felt exponentially exploded as well. I was on cloud nine for days after that meditation.

And ever since each time I go into my heart space I decorate it a little more.  New meditations came my way and new elements were added and suddenly I would have a giant sunflower to represent my heart, the petals extending and welcoming the brilliant warm sunlight, flower heads turning head on, the sun rays soaking into its centre and turning the light to liquid gold that dripped down my core and into my solar plexus and sacral chakras of my body which was now the earth itself, the mountains and ranges the curves and undulations of my flesh and physical form. From this ground, my skin, sprouted immense crystals, smokey quartz, citrine, amethyst and tourmalines structures of pure energy, rich in colour and power. Swarms of faeries and pixies and sprites created clouds of sparkles that flittered around the landscape in total and utter delight!

It created a space within me that took seconds to get to, really just a few breaths, and a place I could retreat to anytime I got too dense in the illusion of the life in front of my eyes.

My ability to express love for the people around me changed instantly that day that I took my heart out of the ground and up to the mountain tops. I started actually connecting with other souls again, I had broken down those walls that kept me in separation and safe behind the walls I had built to prevent from being hurt. While i loved my own company deeply, it took that realisation to understand how alone I felt up to that point in life.

So the moral of the story is… decorate the fuck out of those inner rooms that you inhabit. Make them deliciously luxurious and wonderous, beyond any possible limitation of so called reality. Share it with the rest of the world and get into that place whenever you feel a bit shit. Let it shift your vibration to that bliss of unity and love, remembering that you are infinite and the greater part of you is a master manifestor and you are here to feel and experience great love of all kinds.

So much love pours from my heart to your heart to the heart of all that exists,

✨💖✨ Rach ✨💖✨

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