Not Mine Not Yours

For the boheme inclined…

…It’s Ours

Lets make it Awesome!

Amongst the rain forests of the Southern Gold Coast Hinterland, lies a sacred place where currawongs kiss and dance along the tree branches. Where fireflies emerge from the trees at night to cast a spell; igniting the spark of inspiration, an urge to create and a deep sense of satisfaction in watching all things grow, thrive and flourish!

I count myself blessed to call this place my home, my studio, the epicentre of my luscious blissful existence.

After many meanderings down the road of life, half the time I find myself tangled in rope, pulling knots free and winding, knotting, trimming, shaping and hanging these creations from any hook, nail, ledge or frame that I can find, oooo’ing and aaaaaah’ing at how nice they look amongst the backdrop of my cosy nest. The other half I can generally be found on the daybed under the canopy, happily meditating or practicing reiki for myself or others. Given that I have been liberated from the corporate world, I thought I would see what happens when I share these creations with you while supporting my basic human need for food, shelter and connection.

Each and every creation (knotted or not) has a underlying intent to experience and share the good vibes that surround us all. I take pleasure in seeing other people enjoying the abundance in all things as much as in the enjoyment I feel of the unrelenting richness of life.

I look forward to our interactions, collaborations and co-creations as this new path of life unfolds so perfectly! Email me anytime for any purpose and let’s see what happens!

Much love, light and blessings on your journey dear one.