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Each month I tune into the astro weather and cosmic energies to create a conversation starter that aligns a collective intention with the stars movements to create a beginning point for you to powerfully deepen your relationship to your Creator. 
Prayer is one of the most powerful tools of the mystic to retreat to the world within the world where our God self resides, the chambers of our sacred heart. In this space we have the gift of creating our vibrational reality, we get to contemplate with God, to commune with our infinite nature and remember our truth, that we are one with all that exists. 


Perfectly designed to use as a phone wall paper that serves as a reminder of your devotion to your relationship to your Self and the Divine.


Life gets busy, one thing we are never far from is our phones and in this day and age it makes sense to utilise 3D tools like our phone in the highest service to ourselves. Everytime you unlock your phone and see that month's prayer, it symbolises to your subconscious that you are the co-creative essence of the universe. It reactivates that vibration which you created in communion with your highest self and instantly transports you to a field of love. 


Each word is crafted with the utmost of care to ensure that the energy behind each prayer is aligned with the only truth of this existence - that only LOVE is real.


Nothing unreal exists.

Nothing real can be threatened.

Herein lies the peace of God.

- A Course in Miracles



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