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Thomas Creevey Therapy

Thomas Creevey is a master bodyworker who has studied the human body for over 50yrs. He developed his own unique way of treating Injuries and structural integration throughout a long and distinguished career working with elite sports men & women across a multitude of sporting fields as well as the general public.

Thomas is old school and doesn’t really use anything digital, however one of his students Craig had me create his brand (Total Body Therapy) & website, Craig wanted to begin the process of documenting his mentor’s journey for posterity and begin the process of having the therapy registered given that there are only 3 practitioners being trained by Thomas. So I sat with Thomas over a period of 4 sessions to hear his story and put together a biographical snapshot of how the TCT method came to be. Thomas wanted to maintain his logo that he had been using for many years, so I redesigned his business cards and created a simple yet functional website that met his needs.



Thomas Creevey Therapy


Website Development & Business Cards