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Web & Design

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Professional Standards

Full disclosure here, I am Rachael’s brother but I’ve been using her Graphic Design and Web Services for my business (Horizon Recruitment Solutions) for almost 3 years now and without her creative flair, professional standards of presentation and overall exceptional IT knowledge, my business wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as it is. She created my whole website, my visual branding and associated stationary, several of the Resume templates I use for my clients and is a continual rock of support for it issues. She is extremely knowledgable in this space and does an incredible job in taking the (at best) fuzzy vision I give her and turning it into exceptional marketing material that makes me money. If you need a website or any sort of design services, look no further!

Chris Cannard

Understood my needs…

Rachael helped me out with some tech solutions, for bookings for my online healing biz. She understood my needs, very quickly, immediately had ideas and suggestions about how to meet them and has all the prowess to back it up with action. So glad we met, and look forward to working with her in the future. ♥

Nicole Moore

Highly recommend…

I responded to a freebie offer about a technology call, to pick her brain on a topic and come up with some solutions. I’m sure our call didn’t play out the way she had expected it might, I’m sure I came at her like one of the balls in a pinball machine, all over the place. She held the space beautifully for my pinball fire of questions. How my brain likes to work sometimes is just get some questions answered, store that information away and rapid fire move onto the next thing that I have questions on. I even commented to a friend afterwards, how valuable it is to just answer questions like this, and consider making a ‘pick my brain’ service available to my clients – because everything doesn’t always need to be structured! I highly recommend Rachael if you want to pick her brain on technology and get some help.

Sue A McLeod

Graphic Design

Looking good in business is well, kinda essential these days! As a creative at heart backed with 20yrs experience in the corporate world in training, marketing and administration, my eye for detail and understanding the bigger picture of your brand allows me to make your business shine. I love to work with rocking entrepreneurs in all things visual – print or digital. Whether you already have a brand or not, I can ensure your visual assets are abundant and always on point. I can provide Branding, Logo’s, Business cards & stationery, Digital forms & surveys, Templates, Email marketing images, templates & autoresponders, Presentations in PDF or Powerpoint, Brochures & flyers, Social media campaign packs, Signage, Marketing collateral, Print & digital advertising and more…

Website Building & Maintenance

When helping SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) owners navigate the waters of creating and managing an online presence, I believe that the most important aspect is to ensure that you have the power in your hands at all times. My ethos is to ensure that you have complete control over one of the most important marketing assets that your business can own. I don’t hold my clients to ransom by withholding control over holding domains, hosting or content, instead I create all of the above and more under your own accounts, sure I’m more than happy to hold your hand or manage these aspects of your online presence for you, however I believe that your site should be easily portable so that whenever you feel the need to change hosts, service providers or content managers, you have the power to do so without penalty or hassle. Thats why I ensure you have the master passwords and logins details once the site is released live to your satisfaction. I want to ensure you experience as much ease as possible by building a site for you that you love, can manage and update yourself and offering basic to advanced training and support for you and your team where needed. I build on WordPress given that it is one of the most flexible, stable and reliable platforms in the business. I can help you choose the right template for your website to match the unique functionality you require, suggest reliable and ethical host services and custom solutions. If you already have a WP site and need a facelift or freshen up, I can help there too! My Hosting partner is Fushnisoft, a Melbourne based hosting solutions provider who is a dream to deal with and has never failed me. They don’t charge the earth and the service is brilliant. My having a strong relationship over the past 10yrs with them is an asset to you also, knowing you can rely on personalised service either through me or direct to source should you choose. Let’s discuss your individual requirements and see if we would work well together, book a time to chat with me free of charge over on my booking page and choose the Free Chat option.

Smooth Systems

I am now offering strategy sessions for entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve the often headache induing task of setting up systems that work for small business. In a 2hr planning/implementation session we create streamlined, efficient online systems that work uniquely for your business & leverage your time while adding value to your business offering. Perfect for the DIY entrepreneur providing foundational guidance for your start up processes, helps you to avoid the pitfalls & reworking that can occur when you are in start up phase. This is the ultimate consultation for digital systems creation & will ensure you don’t waste valuable time down the wrong road. For those with more to set up than we can create in 2hrs together, I have created a package of 4x 2hr planning and implementation sessions to create streamlined online systems that are efficient, work uniquely for your business and leverage your time while adding value to your business offering. You can save $105 for taking up the 4 online session package, normally priced at $150/hr. These sessions provide you with the roadmap for a DIY smooth system that is customised for your business and existing processes. This package is designed for the not so tech savvy DIY entrepreneurs who needs some guidance in a world of a gazillion online options. I look at your requirements, match up systems, products or strategies that you can implement to achieve your desired outcome with the least hassle, outlay and time all while holding your hand through the process. I provide you with training on any platforms or processes that are new to you and you have access to email support for the month of our work together in addition to the 4 sessions. Let’s discuss your individual requirements and see if we would work well together, book a time to chat with me free of charge over on my booking page and choose the Free Chat option. Alternatively, book a session and lets get your systems online and working smoothly now by using this button: Schedule Appointment For the Strategy Package, click View Products/Packages to find the 4 x 2hr package.

Technical Problem Solving Sessions

As entrepreneurs in start up phase will know well, the beginning phases of working online can be a challenge with so many options for software, content planning, creation and delivery. Rather than going the long way round and trying out different systems and programs while keeping your expenses affordable, take advantage of the experience of someone who has tried and tested surefire systems of getting it right. Maybe you have an opt-in freebie and you aren’t sure of the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to deliver it while maximising your list building, perhaps you need affordable ways of creating or hosting video content, it could be the best booking system to use for online consultations or the basics of sales funnels and lead magnets, webinars, masterclasses and general online social media marketing strategies. Not sure if you need a website? I can ensure that I will be able to find a solution to your biggest tech headache and help you DIY or offer to outsource in a way that meets your needs and has your businesses best interests at heart while keeping you sane. Lets solve one big problem you have with your tech systems AND give you up to 3 strategies/systems to put in place now that leverages your time and gets your systems running more smoothly all for $80 over a one hour session. Let’s discuss your individual requirements and see if we would work well together, book a time to chat with me free of charge over on my booking page and choose the Free Chat option. Or to book your session, click the button below. Schedule Appointment
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